Patient 003 Naughty Nurse Seduces Married Man

Released at: August 9, 2018 by Fake Hospital Clips
Sore muscles are not my specialty, but when this hunky, well-built man Alex came to the clinic with an ache, I was excited to get my hands on his pecs. Alex took his shirt off and stood tall so I could feel up his barrel-chest and admire his athletic figure. But once I put my hands on his body, they started wandering south of their own accord. Before I knew it, my hands were drifting to the bulge in his jeans, I could see how the touch of a stranger's hands on his body had got Alex's cock so hard. At first, he didn't want to cheat on his wife, but he stiffened up in my mouth so quickly, you could tell he was nursing a fantasy for infidelity. After I gave him a blowjob, Alex was so horny he took hold of the camera and fucked the hell out of me on the examining table.

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