Party Like a Rockstar

Released at: March 18, 2019 by VRBangers
Everyone wants to be a musician! Hot girls like guys with instruments, dont they? Maybe you wont be as popular among bitches as the VR Porn star, but you should still be getting some wet pussy. The choice of the instrument fell on the percussion playing the drums cant be that difficult, right? You are practicing for days, but lessons arent too effective and after many hours you are still hopeless suddenly, your German stepmother, Patty Michova, comes into the room angry! Shes had enough of your senseless whacking and she takes away your drumsticks, leaving you in the room and slamming the door. After a while she returns and apologizes for her behavior no one was born a virtuoso, right? Patty explains to you that it's all because your father left to the business trip again and she feels lonely Damn, how lucky you are! Youve always liked your stepmother (shes so hot!), and now you finally have the opportunity to get her! You start to pick her up and even though shes resisting at the beginning, the overwhelming loneliness wins and the woman gives herself up and becomes yours She starts with a nice blowjob and you dont need much time to realize that shes better than any of the girls at your age the guys were right: theres nothing better than an experienced woman; especially when shes a sexy Virtual Reality Porn star! Giving head has quickly turned into hard fucking, and although both of you have slight remorse, now it doesnt matter. When you cum on her firm butt and watch her licking your hot load with her fingers, you already know that what they say about the instruments is true! After all, youve managed to get a hot pussy thanks to your drums, right?

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