Panty World Issue 1

Released at: April 18, 2018 by Dane Productions
"My Mom's Boyfriend is Sooo Naughty" Why can't he keep his hands off me? He always wants to hug me and touch me! I fell so naughty when he touches me, but it feels sooo good. "Photographer" After a few lingerie shoots, he shot some nudes without my permission. He said he'd show my family, my friends. There was no way out... but to satisfy his primal urges. "Panty World" An insane asylum, two doctors deciding the fate of a raging inmate. A looney that bases his existence... in Panty World. "My Stepbrother was a Jailbird" He'd been in jail for years. I was sure he hadn't been laid in that time. His burning gaze made me feel uncomfortable and my pussy tingle. When he snuck into my room late at night, caressing my pantied bottom, I felt naughty. When I told him to stop because he was my stepbrother, he said that's what would make it so good!

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Leanni Lei

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