One N' Done Amateurs

Released at: November 11, 2016 by Blazed Studios
Stacy: Craigslist Gangbang ----------------------------------------------- Four of my buddies and I got together for a BBQ over the weekend. That's 4 guys and no girls, not what we had hoped for. After 3 hours of drinking, smoking and bitching about there being no pussy at our BBQ, I had an idea. What if we placed a Craigslist Ad as a porn company looking for amateur girls? We had nothing to lose and we were a bunch of horny guys so I grabbed a pic off the internet and placed the ad. Hours had passed and we had forgotten about things but then we got a response from the ad. Her name was Stacy, 20 yrs old and she was from Cocoa Beach. Stacy wrote she was interested in the ad and told us abut a fantasy she had. She told us that she had never been with more than one guy at a time and wanted to fuck enough guys to have a cock in every hole. The kinky little slut also wanted a dick in her pussy and her ass at the same time and a face full of cum. Watch us "interview" her and then fuck the shit out of her and cover her face with jizz. Lola: Broke On Spring Break -------------------------------------------- Lola is a hot 19 yr old slut who spent all her money on partying. She needs to make some money to pay for beer and gas to get home. This broke whore earns her money as she sucks dick and gets her tight little pussy fucked. She drains the cum out of Clark's cock as he shoots all over her mouth. Gotta love sluts! Nicole: Blowjob Dinner --------------------------------------- Nicole came home from a long day at work only to find her husband Rocky watching TV and nothing done around the house. When she confronts him about it he says he's 'sorry'. That's your problem she yells, you are sorry. 'You can't keep chores done and me satisfied,' she tells him. Nicole tells her husband that she's going to show him just how sorry he is. She's going to blow all the neighbor guys for her dinner. When she's done, Nicole tells her worthless husband to lick all the cum off her face. What do you think of that, Rocky?

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Scene1: 00:05:40 - 00:42:33 (36:53)


Stacy (X)

Scene2: 00:42:35 - 01:00:05 (17:30)


Lola (IV)

Scene3: 01:00:07 - 01:31:50 (31:43)