Old Man Tickles His Daughter

Released at: April 26, 2018 by Desert Wind Studios
The old man wanted to make a tickling video. He had a girl lined up but she was a no show. He asked his daughter if she would mind being in a video because he knew that she was very ticklish. The session starts with his MILF daughter tied up, spread eagle on the bed. She has a cute little summer dress on and you can just see her panties. She is VERY ticklish. He uses all his tools to make her wiggle and move around so we can see right up her dress. Of course she ends up naked. He ends up with his fingers in her pussy as she cums. A couple of days later he has had second thoughts about how the video ended up with him playing with his daughter's pussy. They are sitting on the bed, she is in a really cute black dress. She really wants to play around with him and his resolve to not have sex with her is soon broken down. She sucks on his cock and he licks her pussy. He wants to cum so he has her lie on her tummy, he oils up her asscheeks and starts rubbing his cock on her hot cheeks. It does not take long to shoot some hot cum on her ass. When is the old guy going to learn?

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