Official In Living Color Parody

Released at: May 5, 2011 by Black Ice
Black Ice brings you a pants-droppingly funny version of the most popular, controversial and critically acclaimed urban edged comedic sketch series ever created! ~~The Official In Living Color Parody~~ cums complete with super-hot 'Fly Hunnies' who are hilariously insatiable, and characters like Wenzel Dashington and DJ 69 who you won't soon forget. Comedic gold like "The United Negro Pimpin' Fund...a pimp is a terrible thing to waste" or "Famous Black Moments In Porn" featuring a three week cum shot will have you wetting your pants in more ways than one. The laughs just keep on cumming, and so do the smokin' hot women who do everything from striptease to getting down and dirty, and that ain't no joke!

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