O' Brother Grow Up

Released at: April 26, 2018 by Fantasy Massage
Tyler Nixon confronts his step-sister Jojo Kiss for giving people hand jobs. She tells him that shes actually giving massages. When she realizes that he wont listen, she decides to show him what shes really been up to. Lucas Frost comes back from a military tour to find his stepmom Alana Cruise is excited to have her son back. He reluctantly agrees when she invites him for a massage and starts stroking his cock in the bath. And like a good little soldier, he does what hes told. Eric Masterson spots his step-daughter Ella Nova in a porno and feels disgusted, but she asks him to meet her at her spa. When she massages him, she senses he likes it, and finally gets what shes been after, daddys cock. Tony Martinez tells his stepsister Karlee Grey hes known about what she does. She wants him to be discreet, when he asks her for a massage. She refuses, but he reminds her whats at stake.

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Ella Nova

Scene4: 01:12:27 - 01:34:19 (21:52)