Nothing To Lose

Released at: January 3, 2023 by Pure Taboo
Beth (Scarlett Mae) is home alone when her doorbell rings. She's a little confused but then shocked when she opens the front door to find a nervous-looking man, Simon (Lucky Fate), standing there. Although Beth is about to close the door in his face, he pleads with her to let him in... Nora (Kit Mercer) is fussing with her outfit and not looking completely happy with it. Her husband Roger (Jimmy Broadway) tries to reassure her, but Nora still appears unsatisfied. Roger is desperate to keep Nora happy, and offers to take her out on a shopping spree sometime, to make it up to her. Nora tells Roger that instead of the shopping spree, she wants... her stepson, Mark (Alex Jett). Roger is in disbelief that Nora wants to have sex with Mark. She asks Roger if he's refusing her request, but he is unable to stand up to her. Roger's about to pay the price for being a pushover...

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