No Regrets

Released at: April 18, 2022 by Pure Taboo

Josh (Alex Jett) and his girlfriend Chrissy (Lily Larimar) are working as baristas in a café. Chrissy tries to make small talk but Josh eventually confesses that he cheated on her. He admits that he wanted sex that was a bit freaky. Chrissy says that she can change and she can prove it.

Clara (Eliza Eves) has been accepted to the business college of her dreams, but she doesn't know how she's going to support herself through college. Her friend Lacey casually teases Clara about making a deal to give away her virginity. She is hesitant but decides to do it. Later that day, Clara arrives outside of a sketchy building. An older man, Max (Seth Gamble) greets her in a dungeon.

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