New Ends #8

Released at: June 18, 2002 by Ed Powers Productions
I know you would all like to see lovely Felicia with a man on screen, but her preference, for now, is women. Anisa was really tickled pink to be first to get behind Felicia with a firm strap on and lead her to a sensual and hard orgasm. I don't think a real schlong or rubber schlong matters at this present time, but I manage to mix in the middle somehow. Wait until you meet Kiley Ireland. She's definitely one of my favorites! Dynasty returns her for her first backdoor moment and you get to witness the heat between myself and lovely Japanese pearl Fusako, as well as Rikki Strong and Honey Welles. This is a variety and first-time moments to be treasured for years to cum. I mean come. Why wait for number eight? It's here. Thanks for watching! Love, Ed

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