Never Mind The DVD Next To This One... Here's Burning Angel

Released at: December 23, 2009 by Burning Angel Entertainment
So, the title sort of says it all, but I guess it doesn't really work on the BA Store. So...just picture this DVD sitting in an actual adult video store, and you're going through all of the nasty, dirty titles, and then you come across this wonderful delight, and it says "Never Mind The DVD Next To This One; Here's...BURNING ANGEL"! And then you say, "Yeah!" and grab this DVD and realize that it's got all your favorite Burning Angels and then some; 6 full-length BA scenes, 3 bonus scenes, veteran Burning Angels, new Burning Angels, everything! I mean, seriously. Look at the DVD next to this one. It really sucks. You don't need any more bad porno DVDs; you have enough of them.

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Scene3: 00:45:04 - 00:53:12 (8:08)