Natural Bush 53

Released at: October 13, 2010 by Homegrown Video
**Jezebel** is an all-natural girl, hanging outdoors in the thick bush. Speaking of thick bushes, Jez pulls her panties aside to show us hers. Holy shit! That's one hairy-ass bush! She fingers her hirsute slit, and Chris slips a finger (and a tongue) in too. Our nature-girl then has safe sex with a pine branch before she gets so horny she has to suck lucky Chris' fat bone. Jez lays out on the forest floor and gets fucked good before taking a hot cum load to her tongue. **Laurel & Lily** are young coeds - one redhead and one brunette. They've got short hair on top, but luxurious locks where it counts! These natural bush ladies make out on the couch before rubbing, licking and fingering each other's hairy pussies. **Chloe & Maya** are young and hairy! Bisexual Maya wears eyeglasses and has tattoos. She and Chloe make out, finger and lick each other. Then it's on with the strap-on! They fuck, bumping those natural bushes together. Oh, the fuzzy friction!

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