My Wife's Nervous Payback

Released at: May 17, 2022 by Touch My Wife Clips
Payback is a bitch and so is my wife Madison. I cheated on her awhile ago... blondes get me every time. When she calls me to tell me she's in our bedroom with another man, I'm a little worried. When she sends me a video of his huge black cock, I'm downright terrified. She films herself trying to suck his fat cock, she can barely get her jaw around it. She rubs her pussy lips all over this guys massive member before sliding it in to stretch herself out. It doesn't take long for her pussy to get all creamy & wet from his bbc. He squeezes and pinches Madison's big tits and nipples as he fucks her roughly. Madison can't stop cumming on this huge cock as she gets stretched & spread in different ways. Guy pulled out and cums all over my wife's shaved pussy. Moral of the story? Make sure your wife has a high-quality phone camera so you can enjoy her payback videos in HD detail.

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