My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 5

Released at: September 7, 2018 by Kinky Europe Productions
A young girl comes to get her massage, and after laying down on the couch, the massage starts. But the dirty minded massage therapist has other plans, and he want to fuck this young girl. So he start to be a little too touching her ass instead of her back. Well, the young girl seem to like it, and a hot fucking begins after a blowjob.. When he is ready to blow his load, it goes on her tits. He is dirty enough to lick his own sperm from her breast after! There is some filming going on, and when the break comes two participants can't resist having a screw in the break. They kiss and lay down in the 69 position before Nikoletta start riding the guy. They fuck in several positions before he is ready to cum. He covers her chest and stomach with his cum. Before they are smiling and a little less horny, at least for a while Nikky has her slave on a leash, and Vicky start giving him a blowjob while Nikky treats him with her sharp tongue. It is time to make the bitch suffer! She show him her pussy, and have Vicky reveal her pussy before he is told to lick both of them. Vicky turn around and Nikky demands that he start licking her ass. Needless to say after he must also lick Nikky's ass. He tries to resist, but there is really no option! After having the slave worship our ass and pussies, I add a condom to his penis, and Vicky start riding his dick. The loser cum far too fast, and it is time for his punishment! I take the condom of his dick, and feed him the cum inside. He tries once more to resist, but there is not a chance. My will is his law!

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