My Perverted Fantasy Vol 2

Released at: June 8, 2018 by Nikky Thorne Productions
Clip 1 Starring: Nikky Thorne Nikoletta Paying her house rent with her pussy A rather furious landlord enter the Apartment of Nikky's friend Nikoletta. She have lived there for 3 months, and no rent has been paid. After a short translation from Nikky to Nikoletta, Nikky suggest an alternative option for the payment. The furious landlord start touching Nikoletta's tight ass, and the tone becomes very different in an instant. Nikoletta start sucking the landlord, and very soon they are on the couch in a 69 position. Having tasted the young juicy pussy, I don't even think the landlord remember the rent. A hot fucking starts, an Nikoletta start riding his dick into an orgasm. They soon are doing it doggystyle, while they both moan in pleasure. Nikoletta lays down for the landlord to fuck her missionary style, while the landlord is also getting closer to deliver his cum. Nikoletta climbs on hid dick again, and ride him while they kiss passionately. There is no escape, and the landlord cum very hard. Nikoletta lick the cum with her tongue, and tongue kiss the landlord to feed him his own cum. The house rent is paid in full! Clip 2 Starring: Nikky Thorne Minnie Manga Minnie Manga fucking my cousin I have a handsome cousin, and I want him to get laid. Minnie is visiting me, so I see this as a opportunity. But when Minnie sees him, she rejects him, and are not interested at all. So I take out my magic necklace, and have her in my powers. I take the opportunity to have some girl sex with her, and I lick and suck her tits, I undress her, and I start licking her pussy and sexy ass in the living room. Minnie is suddenly in the mood for a dick, so she want to fuck my cousin. I take her into the bedroom, and my cousin start licking her pussy before he gets a blowjob with deep throat to get him hard. My cousin is fucking Minnie in several positions, and by the moaning she really like my cousin. He shoots his load on Minnie as a thank you for giving him a release. Clip 3 Starring: Nikky Thorne Coco De Mal Coco give the cameraman a happy ending Nikky catches Coco giving the cameraman a blowjob, and can't resist filming the whole scene. Coco is horny as always, and she can't resist a hard dick in her wet pussy. After giving him a blowjob, she slide the erected dick inside her pussy, and start riding him. Getting more and more horny she offers him a doggy position. The cameraman is rather horny himself, and can't resist giving the horny Coco a good doggy fuck. Coco want his sperm inside her mouth, and start giving him another blowjob until he fills her mouth with her sperm.

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