My Boobs Are Waiting For You

Released at: February 14, 2022 by Maximum Desire
Some guys are obsessed with pussy, but others can't get enough of boobs -and if you class yourself in the second of those two categories then you're in for a treat, as Maximum Desire bring together a collection of big-busted beauties with a desire to entertain. Not that the action is reserved to upstairs it must be noted - believe us, these low-moral sluts enjoy dick in their slits just as much as the next girl! - but it's clear from the off that they know that they're blessed in the tits stakes, and they're more than happy to make the most of it. As such, there isn't a single schlong that goes unsatisfied from these whores; and we've not a single doubt that they'll be a whole legion of cocks out there that'll be satisfied in just the same way!

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