My Auntie the Pornstar

Released at: February 2, 2017 by City Girlz
Hi I'm Billy...I just landed the greatest job on earth, I now work security at all the ADULT XXX conventions, this is my first one and the eye candy around here is unbelievable,.... I was just asked to escort a models to her movie shoot and I get to the room and it's my Aunt Sally, (no way ) but it's true my Aunt Sally D'angelo is a PORNSTAR , I don't know who was surprised more me or Aunt Sal ....after our brief clumsy introduction ( I just had to ask her) "you work here? you fuck other guys on film?" (I said) , "this is unreal Aunt Sal, (and don't be embarrassed ) I find this being just TO HOT and I must admit as a young guy growing up I always fantasized about my Aunt Sal , walking around our swimming pool almost naked in the skimpiest bikinis on the planet ,oh YES I had to excuse myself a few times a day back then ( while I ran inside to jack off)........... Aunt Sally looked me straight in the eye and said " today Billy I'm going to make you a man" "Hurry up and FUCK me,...get me ready for my movie"

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