Multi-Orgasmic Mary's Interracial Creampies Vol. #12 (two on one)

Released at: June 24, 2007 by Frogbutt Productions
This one turned out to be a real hot time for me, I was really horny, and hadn't had any strange for over a month. So I got with 2 of my regular lovers for a night of hot-n-sticky. Ten minutes after the first cock is in me I start cumming, and don't stop until the everybody's done. We start out standing, with them kissing and feeling me up, I drop to my knees and do some sucking, while hub gets under me and gets me off by eating my puss, and I just keep a tight grip on my cocks. We move to the bed, where I get a nice workout, and a load of cum, hub slips under me and I squeeze it out right down his throat. A little sucking on my 2nd lover, then he does me missionary, dumps his load in my puss, and dribbles some on it as he withdraws, hub quickly licks it up, and I'm all set for round 3. Another load, and I straddle hubs face again, letting my lovers cum run into his mouth in one long stream. My lovers kiss me goodbye and thank me as they're leaving, hub comes over and shoves his dick in my face. It runs :56 minutes and was shot with 3 cameras, two static and one handheld.

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