MU-113: Sex On The Beach

Released at: November 9, 2010 by L. Scott Sales
Young Victoria, fresh out of college and eager to get into shape, is enthralled with the body of her powerfully built mentor. After a series of exercise sets (during which both females expose their large breasts) the beautiful protégé is treated to a sensual, stimulating massage. Cyndy's fingers probe first gently, then more urgently, over Victoria's shaved privates. Soon we find the big girl spread-eagled against a full length posing mirror, as her lovely student offers tongue service while on her knees. Victoria squats on Cyndy's face with her shaved pussy. Cyndy eagerly gobbles Victoria's wet pussy - she can't get enough! Finally the muscular beauties engage in a climatic "69" coupling. Moans of passion abound as these bodybuilders eat each other to thunderous orgasms. The steamiest workout ever filmed!

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