Mr. Skin's Favorite Nude Scenes of 1973

Released at: May 21, 2018 by Mr. Skin
In 1973 CBS sold the New York Yankees to George Steinbrenner, and exhibitionist actresses were hitting it out of the park by stripping down onscreen. So choke up on your bat to Mr. Skin's Favorite Nude Scenes - 1973. Pam Grier slowly strips in the bedroom revealing her perfectly pert posterior and ponderous, pendulous peaks in Coffy, Julie Christie bares boobs, buns, and bush while Donald Sutherland takes a munch in her cabbage patch in Don't Look Now, See Brigitte Bardot's legendary lickers and lap fur, then a long gander at her glutes as she tussles on a rug in Ms. Don Juan, You'll get a fatty when you see every inch of skinny-dipper Laurie Walters in The Harrad Experiment, Britt Ekland's tits are tantalizing but the dancing buns are that of a body double in The Wicker Man, Super stacked seductress Angelique Pettyjohn brings out her heavenly T&A in The G.I. Executioner, Angelique Pettyjohn does the bump-and-grind onstage in a sparkly g-string, eventually unveiling her colossal cans in The G.I. Executioner, Laura Antonelli plays a mam-tastic maid who loves to get topless and dirty in Malicious, Before she was Mistress of the Dark, Elvira was shaking her rosy-tipped rackage in The Working Girls, Chesty Morgan fondles her humongous weapons of mass distraction before stepping into the shower in Deadly Weapons, Chesty Morgan shakes her super-sized chest zeppelins all over the room in Deadly Weapons, Chesty Morgan's behemoth boobies certainly make for a one of a kind strip show in Deadly Weapons, A trio of tough guys rip the clothes off Cheri Caffaro, exposing her funbags and furburger in Girls Are for Loving, Cheri Caffaro is tied to a bed, but her hoots and hairpie are deliciously free in Girls Are for Loving, Totally nude Stephanie Fondue tries to shower quickly in the boys' locker room, but the jocks catch her midway through in The Cheerleaders, Cunt-fu fighter Reiko Ike leaps from the bathtub to battle a bunch of bad guys while au naturel in Sex & Fury, Ely Galleani is wearing an S&M bondage outfit, but the leather straps don't cover her delightful dairies in Baba Yaga, Edie Sedgwick says ciao to her top as she gabs on the phone in Ciao! Manhattan, First Stephanie Beacham's cute caboose comes into view, then she turns over to show off her bouncy milk bombs in Super Bitch, Angel-faced babe Christina Lindberg delivers T&A while giving a knob job and getting banged in the sack in Anita: Diary of a Nymphomaniac, Anne Sparrow bares her boobage and furry basket while a dwarf rubs his cane all over her in The Sinful Dwarf, Slippery suckers in the bath from Anouska Hempel then back babushka when she stands up in Tales of Tiffany Jones, and finally Carol Kane shows off her squeaky peakies and a hint of pelt in The Last Detail.

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