More Dirty Debutantes #265

Released at: February 8, 2012 by Ed Powers Productions
In this explosive, or should I say sexplosive, volume you'll witness sexual chemistry at its best! Pretty Nikki Chao's first DVD debuts here, she's true to her nature and loaded with sexual energy. Wendy Daniels embarks on her first on-camera journey. Her mature sexiness is very desirable and she's sooo nice too! Shayna Knight is a German gal who aims to please her man. "I love being the lucky man too!" Shayna fills the screen up with personality. Josclyn Pink explores her first on-camera experience while her boyfriend watches and helps with the camera. ~~MDD #265~~ is energetic and real! Please enjoy. Love, Ed Powers

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Scene1: 00:01:02 - 00:35:38 (34:36)


Nikki Chao

Scene2: 00:35:39 - 01:04:22 (28:43)

Scene3: 01:04:22 - 01:35:07 (30:45)

Scene4: 01:35:08 - 02:12:42 (37:34)