More Dirty Debutantes #152

Released at: November 16, 2001 by Ed Powers Productions
This is quality over quantity. Aurora and Angel Carey are two of the sexiest Dirty Debutantes to cum along in a long time. No matter how many times you may see these girls, this is their true first time on camera. I wanted to document as much as time would allow. I got very lucky with both girls and then they experience their very first girl-girl situation too. They look great together! Please Enjoy With Love, Ed, Your nasty Bro, Powers

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Scene1: 00:01:47 - 00:52:33 (50:46)

Scene2: 00:52:36 - 01:27:05 (34:29)

Scene3: 01:27:10 - 02:16:40 (49:30)