Montse & The Maid

Released at: August 27, 2021 by Mature British Lesbians
I had got a job at a local hotel as a maid and I was called to the room of one of our guests a Spanish woman called Montse who had got a problem with her skirt, the Zip had stuck and she needed help in getting it free, well It was stuck quite firmly but I managed to Free it and I helped her remove her skirt, then her blouse, she had a beautiful body with olive skin and how could I refuse when she invited me to touch her, I gently stroked her ample breasts before removing her Bra and invited her to lay on the bed for a massage, well one thing led to another and I soon removed my uniform and climbed on the bed for some girlie fun, We were soon hard at it sucking on each other's nipples before removing our panties and getting stuck into some serious pussy licking, I was not surprised when she produced a long flexible double ended dildo and we wasted no time in getting comfortable with the dildo buried deep in our wet and wanting cunts, we slide closer and closer as we fucked each other and we soon reached a very satisfying climax, Montse said she was staying with us for a week so I said I would be happy to attend to her every need during her stay.

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