Mistress Webb & Sub Jess

Released at: July 23, 2015 by BDSM.XXX
Sub Jess has performed an infraction. She has been sent to Mistress Webb's special dungeon, located in a barn, for wanking. And although it is supposed to be a barn, it is more like a prison, the bars a restriction against Jess's most base desires! Mistress Webb is the toughest dominatrix around and the ebony goddess will teach sub Jess how to behave properly. She makes Jess rub her naughty pussy all over her polished shoes, humiliating her for touching her pussy without permission. Then she teases Jess with a hitachi vibrator, telling her that Jess's pleasure is not her own, it only exists for her mistress. Jess only replies "Yes Mistress." It seems she is learning her lessons.

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