Mistress Silvia Saige

Released at: April 13, 2018 by Femdom Empire
I am going to make your sad, lonely life a whole lot more interesting now that I truly own your pathetic cock. You are going to stop watching all that dirty porn you have been constantly addicted too once I click this lock shut. I will be your only addiction from now on and nothing else will ever come before me especially a hard cock. Now get on your knees and offer up your precious dick to your Goddess as your new life of extreme tease and denial begins today. - Mistress Silvia Rules of Femdom. The bigger cock you take the more worth you have as a slave. Mistress Silvia's slave is ready for femdom stretch class. She is wearing her gigantic hot pink cock, perfect for stretching out slaves tight buttholes. She bends him over the cage and takes his ass. She thrusts hard trying to make her cock go deeper with every push. Silvia gives him the dicking down of a lifetime. Mistress Silvia only allows her slaves to cum like the whores they truly are. If her slave wants a weekly milking then he will have to learn to love getting his ass filled and fucked like a good slut for his Mistress. Mistress Silvia uses her sexy size 8 feet to seduce her slave into complete submission. After beating her slave, Mistress Silvia Sage loves relaxing to a nice long smoke while still keeping her bitch in his place. She uses his mouth as her own personal ashtray, degrading him even further so he is constantly reminded that he is nothing but an object to be used and abused.

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