Millennials Fuck Better 6

Released at: July 30, 2018 by Private
Talking about this generation! Millenials are the future and they are leaving their mark on the world through Private's smash hit series ~~Millennials Fuck Better~~. In the 6th instalment we celebrate the return of the sensational Kate Rich and Linda Weasley as they star alongside the hot teen student Rita Lee. We don't stop there, as always we wanted to give some fresh new innocents the chance to turn naughty so we bring you the hot debuts of Lizi Vogue and the gorgeous redhead Heather Dew. Needless to say, this movie is an endless supply of tight teen action that you just can't afford to miss!

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Scene1: 00:02:50 - 00:23:27 (20:37)


Lizi Vogue

Scene2: 00:23:32 - 00:52:10 (28:38)


Scene3: 00:52:12 - 01:16:30 (24:18)


Scene4: 01:16:32 - 01:44:07 (27:35)

Scene5: 01:44:09 - 02:09:59 (25:50)


Kate Rich