Meet The Neighbors

Released at: October 10, 2022 by GA Photo
Victoria Lobov & Melanie Hicks - Meet the Neighbors Melanie Hicks and Mike are new neighbors to the condo who come over to introduce themselves to Victoria and Derek. They just moved in and wanted to say Hi. They talk a little about how things are going, and Derek mentions the place is great but there is an issue with the plumbing on the second floor. Mike mentions that he has some experience with that and Victoria offers to show Mike where it is upstairs and they head up. Victoria is talking to Mike and jokes that the reason they left their last neighborhood is because some of the wives weren't too happy with Melanie. When Mike is pressed to say why, he explains that it's because he likes to share her with other husbands. Victoria doesn't seem to mind and asks Mike "What about you". Doesn't take long for Victoria to have his pants down and a cock in her mouth. Meanwhile, Melanie is explaining the same situation to Derek downstairs. Doesn't take her long either to have Derek's cock in her mouth. She gets turned around and her pants taken down and bent over the table and Derek inserts himself into her. They all meet back up in the living room and now everyone is all worked up. The guys start to undress their wives and it turns into a foursome with the girls fucking and sucking until the both get plastered in the face with cum.

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