Managing My Daughter

Released at: May 12, 2018 by Girlsway
When step-mother Lynn Vega fires her assistant, step-daughter Val Dodds begs for the job to pay for her trip to Cancun. Val promises to file reports, schedule appointments, but Lynn points out that her former assistant Crystal did pleasurable foot rubs. Val takes off her step-mother's high heels and gives her feet a firm massage. Teen Cadence Lux is frustrated by her science experiment. She sticks electrodes to her pussy to record. What Cadence doesn't realize is that her step-mother Mona Wales heard her moaning and came upstairs to watch. Mona sneaks home in the wee hours of the morning hoping not to get caught by her step-mother Alexis Fawx. After a night of intense fucking, the last thing Alexis needs is getting caught. Just when she thinks the coast is clear, Alexis yells from her bedroom, ordering Alexa to come upstairs and have a talk.

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