Lyla Storm Loves Hayden Russo

Released at: May 10, 2018 by She Loves Her Man
Lyla Storm, a gorgeous brunette, tells Hayden Russo that he's cute and that she's "so lucky." She has no idea yet just how lucky she is. After taking off his shirt and pulling down his pants, Lyla gets a good look at Russo's massive 10" cock. Jack pot! Lyla sucks Hayden's tool getting it hard as a telephone pole. She bends him over onto the bed and sucks him more. Hayden gets up and take's Lyla's clothes off, revealing her trim, tanned body. Hayden goes downtown on Lyla's parking garage, setting off loud moans. Lyla and Hayden fuck in several positions, his huge rod delighting her with every thrust. Lyla grabs the bed sheets and moans when Hayden finger bangs her and licks her clit, just before pummeling her again. Lyla sucks Hayden as he stands. She lays back on the bed and Hayden fucks her, then brings her to the edge of the bed and picks her up. Lyla Storm goes for a wild ride in Hayden's arms. Hayden is unstoppable. He takes Lyla to new heights by finger banging and licking her pussy again. Hayden pulls out and spews his juice on Lyla, and over her head onto the sheets. Hayden Russo gives Lyla Storm a taste of his cum and they sweetly kiss.

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