Love Doll Lucy

Released at: May 1, 2009 by Pleasure Productions
The creators of the Award-Wining All-Girl Strap-On series Strap-On Sally, Jim Gunn and Pleasure Productions now bring you the next generation of East Coast bi-sexual strippers in depraved anal action! Witness this, the mother of all spin-off series, Love Lucy Doll as East coast strippers Chantilly Lace, Micky Lynn, and Ariana break in a gaggle of new sluts for your stroking pleasure. Nicollina Fox, Canadian slut extraordinaire, plays a sweet, but unstable stripper who fantasizes that her blow-up doll, Lucy is a real-life girlfriend. While house-sitting for her porn star girl friend ARIANA (aka Strap-On Sally) she fucks, gets fucked, and generally blows the minds of her slutty, tattooed housemates with strap-ons, anal probes, and all manner of fake cocks!

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