Lost Little Lamb

Released at: May 23, 2023 by Pure Taboo
Cindy (Coco Lovelock) is worried because she's been having thoughts that the Church considers to be sinful, so she visits her pastor's home for guidance. But the pastor's wife, Mrs. Murphy (Silvia Saige), says that he isn't home right now. Mrs. Murphy offers to take a walk with Cindy while they wait. Mrs. Murphy reveals that she knows Cindy is here to talk to the pastor about having feelings of lesbianism. Mrs. Murphy claims that she has been chosen by God to be shepherds to those who have strayed, and that she can help Cindy too... A bride named Prudence (Bunny Colby) is having a private moment in a bathroom during her wedding reception. Shes upset, but Prudence's breakdown is interrupted by Eliza (Alex Coal) walking in. Prudence is stunned to see Eliza because she wasn't invited to the wedding and because there's been drama in her past. Eliza was excommunicated because she's a lesbian. Eliza has shown up to rescue Prudence from a life of repression because she realizes that she's a lesbian as well! Eliza tries to convince Prudence to run away with her and be who she really is. Can she REALLY give up EVERYTHING in order to live as her true self?

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