Lonely Wives Club 4

Released at: March 15, 2022 by MYLF
Dani Jensen is a good mom. She listens to her daughter while she tells her all about her new boyfriend, how great he is, and how excited she is to be having him over for dinner. But when our stud finally arrives, Dani is not so sure she can continue to be good. Especially as she watches him stare at her tits all through dinner. So, she decides to be bad. She takes her shoe off and plays footsie with him under the table while her daughter has no idea... Our stud is so flustered, he has to excuse himself to use the bathroom. That is when Dani springs into action. She meets him in the bathroom and swallows his cock faster than she could swallow a mouthful of the food she made for dinner. Her sexy red hair bounces back and forth as she gets pounded by some young beef. They even almost get caught by her daughter! Dani may not win mom of the year, but she wins MILF of the year for sure! It is not uncommon for marriages to get a little cold in the bedroom after a few years, even when the wife is as hot as Isabelle Deltore is. But after getting turned down for sex over and over again, Isabelle's husband is fed up. He wants her to help keep the fire alive. Isabelle concedes to give him the pussy he has been deprived of but under one condition. She still has to finish her chores. That is not a problem for her husband!.. She folds clothes while riding his throbbing thick stick, making sure to get every crease out as she feels his cock inside her. Isabelle looks fine as hell with her long blonde hair as she gets that linen taken care of while taking this desperate husband D. Then, she does some dishes while he sticks his Swiffer in her snatch from behind. I guess every marriage has its compromises! Ivy Lebelle is one hot MILF. She has these sexy tats that run down her arm, some big fat titties, and a round ass to match. So, you cannot really blame her neighbor for spying on her from time to time. He knows when she is going to be cooking in her panties, so he likes to sneak a peek any chance he gets. But this time, he gets caught in the act. Lucky for him, Ivy is not ashamed of her body. In fact, she wants him to see. She lets him take a closer look and even a closer touch. She must have been hungry because she sucks his cock like it is a giant slab of deli meat. Then he finally gets to live out his wildest fantasy of sticking his telescope deep inside her planetarium. Finally, he is ready to explode, and she takes his load with grace and elegance. Not a bad ending to this peeping tom tale! Natasha James' stepson is so excited to be at the tattoo parlor to get a new tattoo. He is not sure what he wants to get, so he flips through the design book with his stepmom to make a decision. Looks like nothing suits his fancy until he finally comes across a design that will properly express how much he loves and admires his MILF stepmom... But when he gets in the chair and has the needle buzzing against his skin, he just cannot take the agony. Luckily, Natasha knows just how to calm her stepson down. Step one, take his huge cock out and blow it. She gets down on her knees and pleasures his giant rod while the tattoo artist continues to work on his arm. Soon, the blowie is not enough to numb the aching and Natasha starts to bounce her pussy up and down on her stepson's dick. Finally, just as the tattoo is completed, our stud busts his wad in his stepmom's mouth. Looks like he really does love her!

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