Locus of Control

Released at: June 28, 2023 by Collective Corruption
After discovering Hazel touching herself without permission, Mike decides this dumb slut needs a lesson in the privilege of bodily autonomy and show her the ~~Locus of Control~~ . Holding her head back by her hair, Mike slaps Hazel's thighs, face, and tits while explaining the trouble she's in. He drags her to the ground, where she belongs, and binds her wrists in front of her. She used her hands to break his rules, so he took away that privilege. Then Mike reaches between her legs to remind her who her cunt belongs to and discovers that this little slut is soaking wet. Since he's taken away her hands, Mike decides to put Hazel's smart mouth to work sucking his cock. She eagerly takes his cock in her mouth and sucks it like a good little slut. But Mike has a few more lessons in bodily autonomy to teach Hazel. He brings her to the floor, removes her skirt and panties and then places the panties over her nose and mouth. He teases her wet pussy and reminds her to keep her legs open for him. Then the real lesson can begin. He takes a metal bucket and pours water over her fabric-covered face, making her gasp and sputter. Mike then puts a vibrator on Hazel's clit and alternates teasing her pussy and covering her face with water. He continually pushes her to the edge of orgasm and then denies her release. He finally decides she's earned an orgasm, but adds the torment of lots of water poured over her helpless face. Then it's Mike's turn to use his little slut's holes. He stands her up, bends her over the table, and begins to fuck her cunt. He pounds her from behind while she screams and moans and takes every inch of his cock. After thoroughly using her cunt, he covers her eager face in his cum. Then the final lesson can begin. Mike is going to take away Hazel's most basic privilege- the ability to control her own bladder. He unwraps all of his supplies while explaining what this means for her. He preps her tightest hole before inserting a catheter into her urethra. He explains that, as her final punishment for touching without permission, she will wear this catheter for as long as he says. Then he leaves her alone, soaking wet on the cold, metal table, to contemplate her fate.

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