Lianna Lawson 3

Released at: May 4, 2018 by Transational Fantasies
You run into the stunning blonde angel that is Lianna Lawson wandering around outside by the hotel pool. She asks you to cum with her up to her room and take some pictures of her brand new dating site profile. You are happy to oblige! So, you start snapping some hot photos of your trans girl goddess, she asks if you can take some pictures of her in only her bra and panties. She slips off her dress to reveal her lean and long, sexy as fuck body. You wouldn't mind if she got completely naked would you? Some nude shots would look really great on her page! Then, she asks you if you're ready to play. She is! Her long cock pokes out in your direction, and you can't wait to gobble it up whole. You look up at her pretty face and sexy librarian glasses, and you can hardly contain yourself. Her little pink girl balls are mouthwatering. She squeezes them in her hand then starts massaging her hard love stick. Next, she spreads her legs wide open and shows you her tight trans girl pussy. She's so turned on for you to eat her out that she starts dripping precum. And her gorgeous feet and toes squirm as she gets herself closer and closer to the edge. But before she cums, she has some toys to share with you. First, she spanks herself with a BDSM flogger, which makes her scrumptious ass cheeks redden. Next, she fucks herself with a long metal rod until the point of no return. She rides the dildo and strokes her heavenly girl cock, and then squeezes out a super shaky, drippy orgasm.

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