Lena Jade

Released at: November 18, 2016 by Transational Fantasies
Tattooed bad girl Lena Jade loves having sex in public. When she was in high school, she used to fool around with guys in the dark room of the photo lab. Even when there were other people around! In the pitch black, they would have to fuck completely silently, so they wouldn't be caught. As she tells you more of her risky rendezvous, her tiny dress rides up her hips, exposing her black sheer panties. Looks like she has a juicy cock to match her juicy lips. Her dark, penetrating eyes draw you in, as she spits on her fingers and squeezes her all natural nipples. She removes her stockings and heels, so you can get a better look at her gorgeous body. She just shaved her ass hole, so it's really soft and sensitive...and ready for you to eat! Her luscious trans lady cock hangs between her pale, milky thighs, and you give it a taste as well. After you suck her off from behind, she oils up her dick and jerks off on all fours. It's all so wet down there that you can't help but slide in yourself and fuck her doggy style. But being the exhibitionist that she is, Lena lies back and strokes her lady wood while you watch. After playing on the edge, she finally lets go of all inhibitions and squeezes out an oozy, wet treat for you to lick up.

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