LBO Raw - Hot Night

Released at: April 11, 2012 by LBO
You'll find some of the most hard-to-find, rare footage from LBO! Meet Max Steiner/Sam Smythe, aka Paul Little; the man, the myth, and the director (and actor) behind this movie during his earliest beginnings. You may know him as his more infamous alias, Max Hardcore; the man who brought some of the most controversial content you'll ever find in porn, in this movie you get to see what might be some of the beginnings of his controversial "style" of adult films. He seems to slightly push the envelope with this movie. Max Hardcore and Sally Layd find each other in a bedroom, pleasuring one another using all techniques and fingers, mouths and genitals at their disposal. Max gives it to her just the way she likes it, and after busting a load in her mouth, hops off after exclaiming that he was busy and had to leave.

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