Lady Loki Reading Naked The Cosmos Arrivals 14-02

Released at: August 26, 2022 by Edge Interactive

The Cosmos, The Arrivals, Book 1, Chapter 14, Section 2, Molly & Steph: The Drawing Class & Medical Exam , (Day 10), Babs & Molly & Steph: Roommate Stress Test

Boss Babe enters the Bunkroom and institutes a morning ritual, Reveille. Without thinking, Babs orders her five Cosmos into a Lineup. “Stand spread surrender! Face the Mirror. All of you!” Babs directs this comment toward Robyn, who hesitates before she falls into position in her maillot cutout next to her Roommate, the ever topless and increasingly frustrated Kimju.

Babs finds herself confronting three pairs of bare breasts, one pussy facing forward, and two bare asses facing backwards. Babs blinks at Tiffany’s Eraser Heads, Kimju’s shapely knick-knacks, and Molly’s saggy mammary glands. {Time to overcome my topless phobia… at least for the other Cosmos.}

Babs resists an urge to try to hike her own bra up. She sets her teeth. {I might still bling, but I no longer blush!}

Babs relaxes her breath, focuses her attention upon Molly and Steph, and expounds to Steph, “Well. Now that Molly’s arrived I guess you have a titter companion. Congratulations, my titter and vagflashing girls.”

Well, sort of, but no Cosmos Pledge is about to correct Boss Babe. A topless Molly can’t really titter because her mams aren’t flashing. Nothing to titter, mams all the time; ergo, topless. Babs rectifies Molly, “Handbra.” And Molly folds her arms across her chest and cups her mammaries in her hands. Now she can titter.

But Molly never really vagflashes, although by using the Watering Can to keep her panties soaking wet, Molly’s black minge and muliebre don’t really hide inside the worn, see-through-when-wet, pink cotton panties.

BB considers Steph’s scoop neck minidress and Molly’s wet panties without comment. She has a decision to announce to these Roommates. “Gamers have decided to ‘stress test’ you two.”

And what does that mean, to stress test? It means for Gamers to exercise the Cosmos a bit, work them, put pressure on them, and put them into play. Let them play! Molly might be eager to give her panties away and Steph might be ready to conquer, but the Gamers encourage more moxie than lazily surrendering oneself.

Boss Babe steps back so she can observe the Lineup via the Mirror, but she continues to address Molly and Steph. “Today you shall model for a Figure Drawing Class in a city nearby.” BB adds a nod to Molly. “And since you are so concerned about germs, afterwards you shall get a quick Medical Exam.”

Molly twitches and sways her mammies but keeps her medallions cupped in her hands.

Babs accelerates, “A minivan awaits you in the back alley. Why are you still standing here? Go; move it!”

Molly and Steph corkscrew down the stairs to the Kitchen and out the Back Door, bumping into each other as they stumble off the Landing, ring the Bell, and detour around the Mudpit and Post Henge toward a minivan parked in the alley. The driver appears shrouded in dark glass. Steph considers climbing in the front seat, but Molly quickly crawls in the back, still topless and still with her Watering Can. Steph joins her on the floor. The door closes from the outside.

At first neither Pledge talks as the van bumps into motion. Steph bears it, but the longer the ride goes on the more fearful Molly becomes and the more she waters her panties with the Watering Can. A passing bus casts shadows and reflections across one body topless and wet and one body barelegged and spreading upskirt.

Steph waggles a finger at Molly. “Don’t get the impression that we are equals in the exposures department!” Steph pokes at Molly. “Me flashing my smarties is less exposed than your hanging mams!”

Molly understands. “No problem, Steph. I’ll stay topless. I’ll cover myself with my hands. I’ll bubble up my medallions and elevate my minarets. I’ll do whatever you want.” Steph gives pause. “You’ll finger fuck yourself until the meringue pours out. And you’ll mambo and scream.”

Molly finds it easy to agree. “Sure. You name it, it’s me.”

Steph sighs. {Nothing like a Stripper for a Roommate.}

Molly clenches her panties tight into her mooe and wrings water out. “Kimju told me that Robyn made her titter on the Post Henge. And that the Cam took it down, with her painted knobs all knurled up.”

Steph shrugs. “Maybe Kimju worries too much.”

Molly nods her head in agreement and offers, “Steph, if you want me to cover my mams with my hands and, you know, let a little bit of nipple out every now and then, I’ll do that for you. That qualifies as titter. I had to do that at the Nugget, sometimes even for multiple shifts. And even before last Term, after I surrendered my bra and stayed topless 24x7.”

Steph probes, “Does Kimju know that everyone who saw her Cam feed from the Kitchen saw her beg Robyn to vagflash? What’s that about?”

“Oh, that’s just a Stripper Chant,” Molly swallows. “A beg, ‘Please let me pullaside, pink, and finger my holes.’”

“You mean that?” Steph inquires.

“Well, uh, ah, sure. It’s a Stripper Chant, but there’s nothing about being a Pledge that prohibits begging like that. Kimju her tanga, me my panties.” Molly wants to cover all tracks. “You can keep both of us can pink, wet, and ready, and we’ll cum on cue.”

{Nothing prohibits, indeed.} Steph dangles a morsel: “Since Kimju’s already begging, perhaps it will be Robyn who takes Kimju’s tanga away. And not the other way around, as you and Kimju seem to believe?”

“We’ve both creamed and climaxed stark naked. On Stage,” Molly boasts, “but Kimju doesn’t want to go back to the Nugget. She wants to Opt Up. Like you.”

Steph curls a lip. “Maybe Gamers want Kimju back at the Nugget. She already knows the Caste. Doesn’t she already have fans?”

“Yeah…” Molly drifts. “I guess I would like for that to happen. Both of us Opt Stripping together next Term. We both have fans.”

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