Kami Kartel

Released at: April 27, 2018 by Transational Fantasies
Blonde beauty Kami Kartel is an all-natural trans girl from Orlando who loves life. Let her slip out of her pretty red dress into something a little more comfortable... white lace lingerie. She's got cute hormone titties and a big ass poking out. She's a sexy, powerful independent woman who controls her own future. She also loves to have a good time in the bedroom. Getting her dick sucked, sucking cock, fucking ass and pussy, eating out ass and pussy, and getting fisted. She's also a size queen who loves a big cock to ride. But she also loves fucking the shit out of someone tied up and immobilized. Or face-fuck someone until they gag. She likes to take a sexy masculine man and grab him by throat to show who's in control. Sit back and watch her strip for you. She's got perfectly round and succulent nipples, and one is pierced. She's also got a beautiful cock that's growing nice and hard for you. She loves it when you suck her girl dick. Lick the head. Then show her how far you can take it in her throat. Lick her balls. Make them warm, wet and juicy. Watch her lady cock throb while you worship her. She lies back in her bed with her legs open and feet out. Crawl over and lick her eat as out. Eat it all up. All of her juices. French kiss her trans girl pussy. Tongue fuck her. With kisses, move from her balls to her asshole. Stick your tongue out as far as you can. Now, fuck her from behind with your big cock. She grinds back into you and her toes curl up beneath you. Next, she pulls out a big dildo to pound herself. Her butt cheeks jiggle as she fucks herself harder and harder. She hits her G spot and jerks off at the same time until she squeezes out a juicy orgasm for you to lick off the tip of her cock. Taste all of her.

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