Justify My Jiz

Released at: March 4, 2015 by Jiz Lee's VOID
Inspired by Madonna's Justify My Love, Justify My Jiz features sexual badboy Wolf Hudson and feminist porn award's boundary breaker Jiz Lee cumming together in a gender-bending sex-capade like never before! cocksucking, rimming, pegging, mutual masturbation and nipple-play captures the performer's unconventional sexualities in a perverse tango that fluidly shifts from soft love to rough, kinky sex just as easily as the performers switch up turns giving and receiving. Natural lighting, short hair, tight bare torsos, fishnet stockings and high-heels blend to give you a rare view of masculine pleasure that couples well with genderqueer sensuality. The icing on the cake ends with Jiz squirting and Wolf coming - on his own chest - in a simultaneous cumshot finale.

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