Johnny Wadd

Released at: June 1, 2020 by VCX
It all started with ~~Johnny Wadd~~, a film shot at a time when pornography was illegal, sex was rampant, and rules were obsolete. Bob Chinn wrote and directed what became a series of legendary detective movies that traced his rise from film student to porn pioneer. In his first feature role, John Holmes enriches the screen with an easy confidence matched by solid acting ability and jaw-dropping scenes. For the first time since its long nights in smoky theaters, Bob Chinn brings you the original print of ~~Johnny Wadd~~. In addition to the revolutionary film, Chinn has included a never-before-seen interview and a must-see director's commentary. Bob Chinn. John Holmes. ~~Johnny Wadd~~. This is where it all began. This ground-breaking film, lost for a generation, has been painstakingly restored to its original luster! The film was wet-gated and color-corrected until the digital rendition was finally approved by the master of 70's porn: Bob Chinn. A golden era film of this quality can only have been brought to you by VCX, the "Home of the Classics" and Bob Chinn, the director immortalized in the film ~~Boogie Nights~~.

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