Jimmy Peeks and Fucks Shalina Devine

Released at: October 4, 2022 by Only3xVR
Jimmy spends the time peeking on Shalina, who takes a sunbath in the garden. Of course Shalina Devine catches him in the act and surprises him in the house. The nervous Jimmy is shocked by her appearance behind him. They start to play a game with each other after she sees that he is very much aroused and horny for her. She pushes him down on the couch and starts off with a blowjob. That girl has a lot of experience in this. She does this for a long long time - you can tell by watching her technique. So elegant, so tender - so nice! But the real tease starts when she lets him touch her boobs and dress down. Tight fit ass and boobs are there to catch. After some continued blowjobs now full naked she sits on his dick cowgirl style. He and his dong slips in without any issues - her pussy is just well lubricated and ready for action instantly. They continue the hardcore part in reverse cowgirl position, then some tit fuck happens - which in particular looks really satisfying actually. And then Jimmy takes control. Doing this by fucking her in missionary and doggy style. The whole encounter finishes with him unloading his stuff on her back after some very hard and rushed strokes. Jimmy probably learned the lesson that peeking after hotties, such as Shalina Devine sometimes pays out really well.

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