Jerky Girls Of America Vol. 3

Released at: June 2, 2016 by Desperate Pleasures
Valerie -------------------- Valerie is in trouble again for stealing from the chem lab. She gets called into the office and knows she's in big trouble. After several hard swats on her ass she begs for a different punishment. What would a man do with a hot college girl in her position, get his cock jerked I bet! Miss Lexi ----------------------- This guy goes into a sperm bank to make some extra cash. Nurse Lexi comes in to take his temperature and test his reflexes. She verifies his ability to donate before she explains the full service process. This sperm bank extracts the specimen by hand! Ashley Edmonds ----------------------------------- I first met Ashley on set for Jerky Girls and she has some awesome skills. We decided that she should represent our free handjob blog in this scene. Ashley demonstrates her skills by making our guy explode for the second time in under an hour. Emily Benjamins -------------------------------- This 19 year old has been addicted to stroking cocks and finally decided to let us see her in action. Once Emily's tiny hands touch a cock her eyes light up! The harder it gets the faster she strokes until she gets exactly what she wants... a missive load on her tiny hands. Esmi Lee -------------------- Esmi Lee is so happy to find you laying in bed. She can't wait to get Daddys hard cock in her hands and as soon as she does a huge smile hits her face. She strokes your cock faster and faster urging you to give her what she wants, your cum all over hands. Sara Quinn --------------------------- This sexy amateur has never stroked a cock on camera before but because she is so kinky in her personal life she decided to give it a try. After just a few strokes on the cameramans cock she asks if she can suck it too. Well, seriously, what kind of man would tell her no?!!! Pocahontas Jones and Katie Cummings ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Pocahontas and her boyfriend are making out on the couch. Pocahontas suggests they go to her room just as her Mom walks in. Mom knows what's up and decides to teach her daughter a valuable lesson. She orders the boy to drop his pants and tells Pocahontas that the only way boys cum in her house is with a handjob. Watching her daughter stroke her boyfriend gets mom a bit hot and she starts playing with her tits and pussy while smothering the boy. Apparently the excitement was way to much for him as he soon blows a huge load.

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