Jealous Stepdad Fucks Lying Nymph Stepdaughter

Released at: April 3, 2023 by Filthy Kings Clips
Hime has a real beach bod, perfectly smooth skin and curves in all the right places. She's catching some rays in their backyard by the pool when her stepfather Tyler approaches her. The conversation is pretty standard until Tyler reveals that he knows his stepdaughter fucked his best friend in their home. AND he has video evidence! All of a sudden Hime starts acting like an entitled brat, telling him she is horny and she just likes to fuck!? Tyler has to get away but Hime chases him indoors, telling her stepfather he is jealous that she fucked his best friend! Tyler doesn't deny it so Hime pulls his cock out and is impressed with its size as she begins to suck her stepfather. She slides her perfect pussy onto his cock and soaks it as she bounces up & down. Tyler fucks his stepdaughter from behind making her hard cum all over his big dick. Hime lets her stepdad cum in her mouth and even swallows it! Needless to say, Tyler is no longer jealous of his best friend.

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