Jamie Bay Strip Shave Pink

Released at: December 13, 2020 by Edge Interactive
This is a shaving video you will not want to miss. First of all, you will fall in love with Jamie Bay as she explains what she is about to do, strips naked, and applies an electric trimmer to a very thick bush. That accomplished, we travel with her to a shower, where she wets herself down, pushes her pussy right in your face, lathers up, and shaves herself clean. You will especially like the way she pulls on her lips to get the hair sneaking into her pussy, and how she bend over and parts her butt to clean the hair off around her asshole. When she is done she puts a leg up on the sink, and gives you a very personal view. It's all great, but what is best about this scene is Jamie herself, and her gentle and delightful personality as she performs this most intimat act for you. Love it.

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