I Swallow Five

Released at: December 28, 2005 by Rodney Moore
Julianna, Monique and 5 Guys: Julianne and Monique are cheerleaders and a doubles tennis match. While Monique blows the line judge, Julianne shares her drink with Guy. Then both girls take on all 5 guys, culminating in the guys shooting their loads into the cups on Julianna's hat, which she then slurps down. Succulent Statue Eve & Rodney: Rodney finds a statue of a hot redhead on the beach. When he touches it, she comes to life, so he takes her to his fan and don't be knockin' cos the van starts rockin. Then back at his place, she swallows a big Rodney Blast. Leaning Fee Annika & Rodney: Rodney finds Annika leaning against his van in a parking lot. What nerve! What legs! What a mouth, which she uses on Rodney's prick till it spurts goo down her throat. Hollywood Bowling Anne & Rodney: Anne is trying to find the Hollywood bowl, thinking she'll see lots of movie stars going for strikes. Wow! With a brain like that, there's no way Rodney can strike out with this girl. Penis Puppets China & Rodney: In Seattle, Rodney talks cute Asian China into helping him make a cable TV show about his puppets. She consents, but doesn't realize that the puppet is Rodney's Penis. She swallows whatever the puppet gives her. Heavy Equipment Annie & Rodney: Annie is turned on by heavy equipment. Rodney spots her by a tractor on the road, and takes her to his van to sample his heavy tool. She loves it, and after sitting on it, swallows the grease.

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