I Swallow 7

Released at: November 15, 2000 by Rodney Moore
**Perverted Pet** Nova is cum-hungry and finds herself becoming Rodney's new pet. So he invites four of his friends over to give her something "extra" to drink! Mia and Bethany suck his friends off and take huge loads of spoo on their mouths, while Nova is forced to watch. Then Nova gets a straw and slurps the cum up out of the girls' mouths! The three girls then go after Rodney, sucking him hard. He cums in Nova's mouth, who in turn, shares with Mia, who then shares with Bethany! **China's Box** China has put a web cam up in her apartment, and since Rodney was kind enough to mention it in this DVD, she is kind enough to fuck and suck Rodney for all to see! **Skye Swallows** Covergirl Skye swallows Rodney's huge blast! **Bidet You Do** Rodney has a bidet in his hotel room, but can't figure out what the bloody thing is for! Niki comes over and gives him a lesson by washing her tight behind. Rodney thanks her by drying her off with his tongue. Needless to say, Niki returns the favor by blowing him and gulping down his massive load! **All Sweaty** Sexy Sweet Leaf is a jogger who finds herself all sweaty. Rodney offers to towel her off in the back of his van. She gets dry, but finds herself getting wet down below, so she decides to screw Rodney and swallow his load. **Savior** Sweet Pristine sure doesn't look like the kind of girl you would find in a porno movie, which makes her all the more appealing to Rodney, who gives it to her hard and lets her swallow down his spunk! 2001 AVN Award Nominee for "Best Oral-Themed Series"

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