Released at: October 26, 2021 by Odyssey
A mutual fan of Shanna and Rodney e-mailed them collaborating on a big cum-swallowing scene. On a sex newsgroup, Rodney posted an inquiry about what kind of swallowing Shanna should do. They got hundreds of responses! The scene begins ... fluffers Obsession and Jade blow four guys and Shanna reads the most interesting swallowing suggestions. She gets down to business, sucking off all four guys and then fucking the 12" cocks of Byron and Lexington. She takes their sperm in a glass and chugs it down! Two more studs cum in her mouth and down her throat, and Wolf and Rodney give her a facial cum-coating. The two fluffers spoon the goo into her mouth and she swallows it down ... just as the fans wanted! Five More Spunk-Guzzling Scenes: Rodney cums evenly in two glasses; Brook and Natasha toast and drink. Pretty Caroline consents to fuck Rodney on film, and she too drinks down a glass of cum. Rodney finds Jessica working Hooker Alley, and for a little extra cash, she swallows every drop. Jenni and Candi follow Rodney to his room, where they suck, fuck and swallow. Rodney approaches Tawni on Venice Beach ... will she help her fellow man? Will she help two fellow men? Will she swallow their sperm? She will!

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