Hotties Getting Hosed

Released at: September 4, 2017 by Mr. Skin
You'll need to empty your hose after glimpsing the Hotties Getting Hosed playlist. Time for these dirty girls to get all clean! **Amy Lynn Baxter** doffs her bikini top to spray her spigots in the carwash in Golf Balls!, **Pamela Anderson** opens the film with a topless trapeze routine complete with a continuous spray of water in Barb Wire, **Lucilla Diaz** peels down to a thong and bare boobs to get hosed down by some guy in Se lo fai sono guai, **Ava Cohen-Jonathan** bares her bouncing boobages getting hosed down at the beach in Un été à La Goulette, **Precious Cox**, **Natasha Talonz**, and **Christine Svendsen** get wild and wet washing a car together in Black Devil Doll, **Danielle Harris** is naked to get hosed off in the police station shower, but keeps everything strategically covered except for a shot of tasty buns in Hatchet III, **Heather Vandeven** and **Olivia Alexander** get sprayed down while wearing white shirts in Deep in the Valley, **Cierra Knight** hits the front yard to soak up her glistening gazongs with the garden hose in One Million Heels B.C., **Rene Bond** shows her bumps and haystack while washing up outside with a hose in Country Cuzzins, **Tania Busselier** shows everything when she's stripped down and hosed down against a wall by a pair of gruff female wardens in Ilsa: The Wicked Warden, **Caro Lenssen** gets covered in mud for a play, the obligingly shows shorn full frontal while getting hosed off in Cloaca, **Stefania Sandrelli** dispenses with the clothes and the demons as she gets hosed down with some very cold holy water in Mamma Ebe, **Jennifer Steele** hoses down her big, bouncy, bubbly boobs in the car wash in Golf Balls!, **Toni Collette** trots out her ta-tas as she gets a high-powered hose-down from a rubber-aproned lady in Hotel Splendide, **Marissa Merrill** gets stripped down, tied up, and hosed while al fresco in Dead Season, **Laura Gemser** gives the gardener a thrill when she strolls out, fully frontal, grabs the hose, and rinses off in The Alcove, **Stephanie Lawlor** and a gaggle of gorgeous gals shuck their shirts for a canteen fight in the woods in Cherry Hill High, **Béatrice Camurat** brings out her breathtaking boobage and brief buns when a hose-wielding dude makes this dirty girl all clean in Un chien dans un jeu de quills, **Helen Mirren** serves up her own meaty treats while trapped in a meat locker, before getting sprayed down with a hose in The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, **Sigal Eraz** hoses herself off outdoors at night, first in a bra and panties, then in an ass and frontal in Across the Line.

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