Homegrown Video Presents Toy Time

Released at: March 25, 2015 by Homegrown Video
Carey - Carey and Jack give you an introduction into using sex toys in a relationship! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carey brings out two of her favorite sex toys: a cock-shaped dildo and a massager. She plunges the dildo deep in her pussy. She gets on all fours and Jack uses the dildo to fuck her from behind making her squirt. Jack then licks her squirt off of her ass! Next she pulls out the massager and puts the setting on HIGH because she wants to orgasm quickly. In no time at all she is squirting her juices all over the place. They play with a few more toys before Carey gets on her knees to suck a real cock and get her daily dose of Jack's milky load! Farrah - Farrah brings out some of her favorite toys to use when she is all by herself! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Farrah brings out her wand massager as one of her favorite toys. She talks about the different settings that it has: continuous mode, vibrate mode, and pulse mode. She aims the camera at her pink pussy and rubs the toy all over her clit and pussy and you can see her squirt all over the bed sheets. Next she brings out her favorite toy, a glass dildo. She glides the dildo up and down her wet pussy before putting it inside her. Next, she fucks herself from behind until she has an intense orgasm. Now we know why this is her favorite toy! Jessica & Lizzie - JB Rodeo brought Jessica and Lizzie with him to shoot an adult toy scene! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JB Rodeo is here with another video for Homegrown. He brought Jessica and Lizzie with him to shoot an adult toy scene. JB wants the girls to start with the massager but Lizzie has another idea. She pulls off Jessica's pants and begins to eat her shaved kitty. The girls show off their full array of sexy toys, trying out vibrators and whips on each other before the real fun begins. LIzzie is fucking Jessica on the bed with a strap on dildo while she is sucking on JB Rodeo's big cock. The girls insert their anal toys in their butt and have a little fun. JB fucks Jessica while she has beads up her ass. Then it's LIzzie's turn to get some of JB's hard cock. JB takes turns fucking each girl until he drops his load on their pretty faces! Milu - Milu has a couple of sex toys; a pink dildo and vibrator with beads that she love to use! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Milu has a couple of sex toys that she loves to use. One is a pink dildo and the other is a vibrator with beads. She warms up using the pink dildo. She only inserts it halfway because her pussy is super tight. She takes the beaded vibrator and shoves the tip in her ass. That really gets her moaning. She gets so horny that she performs a DP on herself with her toys. She finishes the scene with a vibrator in her ass which causes her to squirt all over the bathroom floor!

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