Headmistress's Office

Released at: May 30, 2018 by SV Entertainment
Teen Lilyan has been caught blowing a boy in the school toilet and Headmistress Holly has called her and her stepdad Sensi to her office to discuss the matter when halfway through the conversation Holly discovers that Sensi has an erection. Not surprised when sitting in front of an attractive MILF. Holly then decided to check out his tool and told Lilyan to join in. Lilyan was a bit confused first but when she then also saw her black stepfathers cock she couldn't resist. Both started sucking his massive cock and tight balls. Sensi was also invited to lick their wet and tight love holes which he happily obliged. After so much sucking and licking the girls then got hungry and decided to extract some sex milk from this black rod and before you can say "Detention" they swallowed every drop.

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